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Digital Asset Management

For those who wants to make their workflow more efficient, QBank offers a flexible and integrated hub for all your digital assets. That means you save valuable time and that your products and services can reach the market faster. 




Getting to know QBank - Part 4




Client Cases

  • Swedish Match

    Brand portal

  • Forsman & Bodenfors

    Delivery portal

  • Electrolux

    Social media publishing

  • Absolut

    Media Room

  • Coop

    Media Bank

  • Haglöfs

    Database for product information

  • Image Bank Sweden

    Image Bank Sweden

  • Dometic


  • The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv)


  • Postcode Lottery (Postkodlotteriet)

    Webb - TV

  • LG Electronics

    Reseller Portal

  • Saltkråkan

    Media Bank

Areas of use

QBank is a perfect platform to manage the company's graphical profile and guidelines. By integrating QBank with your existing publishing system or using purpose-built versions of WordPress or MODx you get the framework to ensure that the brand gets the best solution that is required in a communication-intensive organization.

Find out how Swedish Match use QBank as a brand portal »

QBank works great as a hub for delivery which connects all distribution in a uniform way. In this way, your company gets control of how material is sent to retailers and customers.

Find out how Forsman & Bodenfors use QBank to deliver their material »

QBank also serves as the publishing engine of photos and videos to social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. QBank lets you take control of how all the material is exposed in these channels. This is a great advantage for companies that operate in multiple markets and have an active social media strategy.

Find out how Electrolux uses QBank for their social media publishing »

One of the main uses of QBank is as a platform to manage photos, movies and documents on your websites. You can customize assets in various structures, eg to suit specific audiences. It also hosts additional features such as adding media to a selection, asset comparison, duplicate warnings, version management, custom links, advanced publishing, custom download templates and the ability to embed in PDF documents.

Find out how Image Bank Sweden uses QBank as an image bank »

QBank can be used as the database and engine of product information. Through its dynamic database model it can be adapted to most businesses. The information can be integrated with your ERP, e-commerce, catalog systems, etc. that you use today. The interface that is used to administer the content can be tailored to the smallest detail, which increases the benefit of all users.

Find out how Haglöfs used QBank to collect PIM »

Use QBank in the graphic production process. QBank can be integrated with Adobe InDesign and supports drag-and-drop of both images and metadata. The information can be retrieved from the customer's ERP. It is also possible to connect "Create-online" features with pre-defined templates. The result of the work can easily be sent to the print shop, or directly to a customer's printer. 

Find out how Forsman & Bodenfors uses QBank for graphic production »

QBank is available in 4 different versions

  • Starter


    For those who wants to start working with a media bank.
  • Pro


    For professional users in small and medium-sized companies, who needs to manage several users.
  • Enterprise


    For larger companies and organizations with advanced user management features.
  • Elite


    A DAM-solution for larger companies, that requires integration with other systems and solutions.

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